Miscellaneous Projects

Just a few random flash applications not related to the flash gaming market:

Darkages Bank Database Darkages Bank Database
This is meant to be a tool for logging and searching the contents of your characters' banked items in Dark Ages. Note that this is only going to be useful to a few individuals because most people are smart enough to not bother playing Dark Ages
FW Talent Calculator Unofficial Forsaken World Talent Calculator
This talent calculator is not my own personal creation, but is a modified version of the Wanmei talent calculator--link provided on the page itself. This is outdated and no longer supported since I stopped playing years ago.
STO Skill Calculator Unofficial Star Trek Online Skill Calculator
A talent calculator for Star Trek Online. This was created in anticipation of the changes made to the game's skill system in Season 11.5.
Herocreator / CO Resources Herocreator (and other resources for Champions Online)
Herocreator (based on the Powerhouse framework) is a character planner for Champions Online. There are other, minor resources in here, too.
FF Brave Exvius Event Calculator Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Event Currency Calculator
This tool allows you to see what effects various bonus units will have on your currency drops and the overall amount of currency awarded by each difficulty per energy spent. Basic information about the event dungeons is included as well.