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If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them on the Forsaken World forums in this thread.


These are the people, places, and things which have made this possible:

  • Hosting, project organization, maintenance, and misc coding by Aesarin/Aesica of Storm Legion.
  • Full german translation provided by Edira.
  • Files and locations provided by Firebat of Eyrda.
  • Crude translations provided by Google Translate. Y U NO LIEK XML?
  • Note: This is a translated version of the Wanmei calculator. It's their calculator--all I did was modify the XML.
  • The author of the class descriptions that were taken from the FW wiki.
  • Everyone else who has offered their assistance with this project. If you contribured something, but aren't mentioned here, PLEASE let me know by sending me a message on the FW forums. I can be something of an airhead and tend to make stupid mistakes like that

These are the individual translators who have taken time out of their lives to pitch in:

Assassin (Human)

  • Venom Aesarin - Storm Legion
  • Edge Aesarin - Storm Legion
  • Dark Aesarin - Storm Legion
  • Note: All 3 of these were based on Firebat's Kindred Assassin

Assassin (Kindred)

  • Venom Firebat - Eyrda
  • Edge Firebat - Eyrda
  • Dark Firebat - Eyrda


  • Wind Krusadex
  • Water Esmyr
  • Light Esmyr

Mage (Human)

  • Fire Firebat - Eyrda
  • Lightning Firebat - Eyrda
  • Frost Firebat - Eyrda

Mage (Kindred)

  • Fire Aesarin - Storm Legion
  • Lightning Aesarin - Storm Legion
  • Frost Aesarin - Storm Legion
  • Note: All 3 of these were based on Firebat's Human Mage


  • Precision Mikro - Dyos
  • Soul Mangastic - Illyfue
  • Burst Mangastic - Illyfue

Priest (Elf)

  • Divine DeltaTroopa - Storm Legion
  • Rebel DeltaTroopa - Storm Legion
  • Glacial DeltaTroopa - Storm Legion

Priest (Human)

  • Divine Aesarin - Storm Legion
  • Rebel Aesarin - Storm Legion
  • Glacial DeltaTroopa - Storm Legion


  • Diamond naihonn
  • Granite m0rdak
  • Marble m0rdak


  • Blood Zandiya - Storm Legion
  • Dark Zandiya - Storm Legion
  • Inferno Brsekr - Illyfue

Warrior (Elf)

  • Aegis DeltaTroopa - Storm Legion
  • Bloodlust DeltaTroopa - Storm Legion
  • Elemental DeltaTroopa - Storm Legion

Warrior (Human)

  • Aegis Doomchilde - Storm Legion
  • Bloodlust Doomchilde - Storm Legion
  • Elemental Doomchilde - Storm Legion
Known Issues
  • Some text is still in chinese. Unfortunately, that text is hardcoded into the program itself and isn't easily accessible.
  • Some text is cut off, clipped, and the formatting of some descriptions is off. The program was designed for chinese characters, which take up far less space. Hint: To read the class descriptions, you can highlight the text with your cursor, then drag to "scroll" the text somewhat.
  • Firefox users: Switching between the various tabs on this page will cause the flash applications (talent calculator and build saving utility) to terminate and restart. Make sure your builds are copied (bottom red button!) before you click them. Builds already saved in the helper utility will not be lost. I'm sorry about this, but it's Firefox's fault. Blame them for being cheap on CPU resources.
Extra Utilities, Links, Etc
Here is a compilation of other useful utilities related to Forsaken World.